Ioannis Ellul first studies geriatric medicine and worked for many years in this field in the UK. He then moved back to Greece where he is now an Associate Professor of Neurology and Cerebrovascular Disease at the University of Patras. He maintains a strong interest in the care of older people and is strongly involved in the Greek Geriatric Societies.

As a geriatrist, Dr. Ellul explained that a person becomes frail when his/her physiological reserve is diminished, making that person more vulnerable to stressors. There exists clinical methods to measure frailty, but according to him, the FrailSafe system seems to perform better than a clinical assessment, as it includes different parameters, like the heart rate, blood pressure and the walk a person walks. Being able to apply the FrailSafe system to people that look healthy gives us the chance to adopt a preventive approach if the system informs us that these healthy people are actually at risk of losing their physiological reserve. The added value of the FrailSafe system is being able to act as soon as possible, preventing deterioration and maintaining the person’s wellbeing.

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