HYPERTECH, founded in 1997, is one of the pioneers in the Internet and Mobile applications area. The business strategy of HYPERTECH focuses on applied research and innovation activities to create a full suite of services and products appealing to enterprises and organisations while at the same time being able to meet real customer needs.

HYPERTECH is a dynamic SME, fully adapted for the new economy and continuously invests, as a strategic decision, in bringing innovations to the markets it addresses, and in acquiring knowhow by closely following the state of the art in the technological domains of interest. Today, HYPERTECH is applying this experience to the following three disciplines:

Enterprise IT Solutions

HYPERTECH enterprise IT unit's mission is to help organisations and enterprises uncover, at its full potential, the hidden value of their data and processes. HYPERTECH focuses on the following main topics:

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics, building advanced services that leverage open source technologies, allowing the process and analysis of structured or raw data sources, in order to enable enterprises and organizations to make better business decisions and verify or disprove existing models or theories of operations.
  • e-Learning, combining modern social learning management systems with the knowhow of building and delivering the right educational experience, offering significant opportunities to today's organisations to enhance their potential and intellectual firepower.
  • e-Culture, supporting digitisation and scientific documentation services, digital asset management as well as advanced application services for the promotion and dissemination of collections and archives: mobile applications serving as indoor or outdoor multimedia guides, 3D animation applications for stereoscopic screenings, virtual tours, serious games, interactive digital signage with touch screen displays.

Digital Life Apps & Services

The extensive experience in secure internet and mobile applications for a diversified portfolio of clients, combined with state of the art AI and user profiling tools provides HYPERTECH with the ability to define and solve effectively the right problems in the fields of social media, mobile applications and games. HYPERTECH is investing consistently and heavily developing applications on the following indicative areas: Mobile Video (peer to peer) & Augmented Reality, M2M applications, Wearable Computing and User Profiling. HYPERTECH has also developed a concrete and proven methodology, which allows the development of well-designed tailor-made gamification projects and integrates a powerful gamification engine that enables the creation of customizable learning games for further enhancing user engagement.

Smart Energy Solutions & Products

Since 2010, HYPERTECH’s Energy Labs unit focuses on designing and developing innovative solutions for automated analysis of consumer profiles as well as the development of intelligent and automated techniques for real-time balancing of supply and demand of electricity. HYPERTECH Energy Labs aim at providing flexible solutions for small and medium-sized electricity consumers and integrated solutions for electric utilities and service providers in the field of demand management.

Since its founding, HYPERTECH has invested in research & development and has achieved to remain at the forefront of ICT technology, successfully transferring the resulting innovations and acquired knowhow into its products and services. HYPERTECH has been actively involved in EU funded R&D programmes and has been participating as main technology partner in several Horizon 2020, FP7, Lifelong Learning, Eco-innovation as well as national R&D projects.

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