• A policy-maker’s perspective on FrailSafe

    Mrs Paraskevi Palladiou is a retired social worker and used to be a supervisor in the Social Welfare Services of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance in Cyprus.

  • A user’s experience with FrailSafe

    As the FrailSafe project is soon coming to an end, we had the opportunity to speak with one of FrailSafe’s volunteers about her experience with the solution.

  • Better Understand Frailty & Develop Measures to Define it

    The first two Medical Objectives (MOs) of the project are to better understand frailty and its relation to co-morbidities (MO1) and develop quantitative and qualitative measures to define frailty (MO2).

  • Discover our Dynamic Railway Game

    Railway is the last and most complex of the serious games developed by Brainstorm for the FrailSafe platform.

  • Early detection, prevention and management of frailty: Introducing the FrailSafe system

    Frailty is one of the most challenging age-associated conditions. Hence, it has aroused considerable research attention over the past few years.

  • EU FrailSafe Solution Seen by a Health Products and Services Merchandiser

    Materia Group interviewed George Kaimis, CEO of GJK Healthpharma services LTD, dedicated to improving the quality of life with innovative, top quality products and services in the sectors of health and beauty.

  • FrailSafe at ICT 2018 event

    The European Commission and the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union organized the ICT 2018 event on 4-6 December 2018 in Vienna.

  • FrailSafe at the Annual EPR Conference

    On September 21, EU FrailSafe had the chance to attend the Annual Conference of the European Platform for Rehabilitation (EPR) in Utrecht (the Netherlands).

  • FrailSafe at the Games for Health Europe 2018 Conference

    EU FrailSafe was happy to participate at the Games for Health Europe Conference on 8-9 October 2018 in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) where the project representatives were able to meet European game developers and researchers involved in cutting-edge digital game development.

  • FrailSafe data visualization dashboard

    The FrailSafe project offers a data visualization dashboard, through which users of the FrailSafe system (older persons, family members, clinicians, frailty researchers) can view the collected data in the form of graphical charts, as well as the outcomes of the data analysis, such as system recommendations.

  • FrailSafe featured in Horizon magazine

    We are glad that the Horizon magazine, the European Union’s Research and Innovation Magazine, has published the article "Frailty indicators could help prevent problems with ageing", which features our work on the FrailSafe project.

  • FrailSafe final conference: Summary report

    FrailSafe’s final conference took place at the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) house in Brussels on the 3 April 2019 and brought together researchers, industry, policy makers, health professionals and end users to show-case the results and benefits of the EU funded project.

  • FrailSafe in the "Open Doors" event organized by ONPA

    The French partners of FrailSafe are working very hard to raise awareness about the project. One of the occasions was an “Open Doors” event organized by ONPA (Office Nancéien des Personnes Âgées), a local French association for older people, on 30 June and the 1 July 2016. Given the target group of the ONPA, it goes without saying that FrailSafe French partners, represented by a group of investigators from INSERM and the Geriatric Department of Nancy’s University Hospital, are closely working with the association.

  • FrailSafe interview with Ioannis Ellul (University of Patras)

    Ioannis Ellul first studies geriatric medicine and worked for many years in this field in the UK. He then moved back to Greece where he is now an Associate Professor of Neurology and Cerebrovascular Disease at the University of Patras. He maintains a strong interest in the care of older people and is strongly involved in the Greek Geriatric Societies.

  • FrailSafe meeting the EIP AHA A3 Group on frailty prevention

    On the 23th and 24th of January 2018, the FrailSafe consortium participated to the EIP AHA A3 action group meeting,

  • FrailSafe meets Physiotherapy

    In June 2018, FrailSafe met 16 physiotherapists of the University Hospital in Graz (Austria) at the neurological department to discuss frailty, its effects on older persons and how it impacts treatment outcomes during and after a hospital stay.

  • FrailSafe Smartvest

    FrailSafe partner Smartex has completed the development and production of the "Wearable WBAN - Wireless Body Area Network - System" (WWBS) designed to measure individuals’ medical parameters. The system is composed of a sensorised garment, an electronic device and a software tool for visualisation of streaming of data or downloading the recorded data from the electronic device to a PC (and then uploaded to a cloud service).

  • FrailSafe Webinar: Game changer in frailty prevention

    On 18 April 2018, a webinar was organized for the members of the EIP AHA A3 action group dealing with functional decline and frailty.

  • FrailSafe, viewed by the Cyprus volunteers

    FrailSafe is testing out its study among volunteers in three different sites: Nancy, Patras and Nicosia. In June, the consortium partners were gathered to discuss the state of play of the project and took the opportunity to visit one of the pilot sites. Three volunteers agreed to be interviewed and discuss their participation in the study.

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