Brainstorm Multimedia designed a specific game to evaluate and stimulate the memory of people afflicted by the syndrome of frailty. It is inspired by a game known by most of us, the electronic memory skill game, Simon, invented by Ralph Baer and Howard Morrison in 1978. As in the physical toy, this game proposes sound and color sequences that players need to memorize and reproduce in the exact same order, but it is played on a tablet.

It consists of four buttons in the form of trees (four colors) that the user must press when the tree lights up and sounds. The game proposes sequences that the user must repeat and the game becomes gradually more complicated. The length and number of trees increase as you play!

The recorded data are the correct and incorrect sequences made by the users. Scores are generated per sequence and therefore create different levels. The movement of trees provides visual and auditory stimuli to patients who enjoy the game while generating useful information for further evaluation by clinical staff.

As in other games, the player has several lives (three in this game) establishing a challenge and timing to play more times and thus generate recurring clinical information for the assessment of their current state of frailty as well as possible preventive measures.

The FrailSafe Simon game has been designed for last generation Android tablets.

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