To successfully support the FrailSafe study, a series of serious games will be designed. The first FrailSafe game, the Virtual Supermarket game, was released last December and is used to detect Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) among our older volunteers.

The weakness of the hand grip strength is considered as one of the current frailty phenotypes. Therefore, a new game was designed to measure, record and train the hand grip strength and train the coordination and reflex abilities of the user. The game is called the Red Wings Game . The aim of the game is to control the flight level of the plane by putting greater or lesser pressure on the hand dynamometer, which will allow the biplane to avoid obstacles such as stones, balloons or trees. The volunteer will have to make it fly as far as possible, going through different levels of difficulty.

As mentioned above, the necessary devices are a hand dynamometer and a peered tablet to be able to play the game. Both devices are provided by the medical teams in the pilot sites. The users will have to have a good enough sight condition and healthy level of cognitive skills to be able to follow the movements of the biplane and perform as best as possible.

From a technological point of view, prior to playing the game, the medical staff will create a profile of the volunteer in the eCRF. The game will be able to constantly track the player’s performance. When the database connection is available, the recorded performance data will be sent to the FrailSafe Cloud for post-processing and feeding the Virtual Patient Model (VPM). The analysis will help determine whether there exists a pattern that would explain the presence of frailty among the volunteers and thus help the older person take actions to prevent the onset of frailty.

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