Not long to go until the EU FrailSafe final event in Brussels, 3 April 2019. From now on you will be able to get to know one of our partners every week and learn more about their expertise and involvement.

Do not miss the opportunity to meet them!

Today we are allowed to introduce you to our ambitious and very committed CERTH team based in Greece and their activities within the FrailSafe project. You do not want to miss that read! Check it out!

1. What is your role in the EU FrailSafe project?

One of the roles of CERTH in FrailSafe is the development of unobtrusive mobile applications that track the person's indoor and outdoor behaviour (which room the person is in, how many steps they have taken, etc.), which is closely related to physical and cognitive decline.

CERTH is also involved in the development of virtual and augmented reality games (Virtual Supermarket, Gravity Ball, Floating Archery Target and Memory AR) that assist the older person in practicing physical and cognitive skills.

CERTH took part in the design of the Virtual Patient Model database, lying at the core of the project.

Finally, CERTH is involved in the development of a visual analytics interface through which older persons, family members, clinicians and researchers can explore the FrailSafe data.

2. From your perspective – what makes EU FrailSafe innovative?

FrailSafe is innovative in several manners. It addresses the problem of recognizing and preventing frailty by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, including novel wearable and ambient sensors, games used for monitoring and intervention, cloud platforms for storage, a social media platform, as well as effective data analysis (online & offline) and visualization methods. The combination of such technologies, under the supervision of both clinicians and ICT partners, has led to the implementation of a holistic platform to address frailty that is currently missing from the research community and the market.

3. The project is coming to an end – what are your main contributions to the final EU FrailSafe solution?

CERTH has contributed both in terms of software applications and in terms of scientific results. CERTH has produced two applications for indoor and outdoor monitoring and four virtual and augmented reality games. Although these applications are closely related to the project, they are general enough to be used in different contexts as well, after the end of the project.

The data collected by the above applications have shown correlations between the mobility behaviour or game performance of older persons and their frailty status, which is a promising result. The applications and the results obtained from the analysis have been so far presented in 2 journal and 5 conference publications.

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