• What do FrailSafe nurses think of FrailSafe?

    The FrailSafe study is taking place in three different pilot sites: Patras (Greece), Nicosia (Cyprus) and Nancy (France). A medical team, composed of general practitioners (GPs), psychologists, neurologists, and nurses, follow the volunteers that signed up for the study. This time, we wanted to have the perspective of the nurses working on FrailSafe. Rafaela Tsela, from the Patras site, and Anne Freminet, from the French site INSERM, were interviewed to know what their work consists in in the framework of FrailSafe and what they think about the potential of the project.

  • What does a business expert think of EU FrailSafe?

    We interviewed Filios Savvides, who graduated in civil engineering and accounting.

  • What makes FrailSafe innovative? The partners’ perspectives

    The past nine weeks you had the chance to meet one of our partners and their expertise every week – which we hope you have enjoyed!

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